Saturday, March 25, 2006

Zope 3 Quick Start updated for Zope 3.2

I've (finally) uploaded a version of the Zope 3 quick start guide that's been updated to match Zope 3.2. This version includes pointers on installing from a release (as well as a checkout as before). I've also fleshed out and reworked some of the text a bit. As is customary, there are both the (source) ReST version and a (generated) HTML version available.

I'd like to write a follow-on to the quick start, but need to decide on one of two directions, so feedback would be nice. Would people more like a "show me how to do simple stuff" recipe-like collection, or more of a "how to do sophisticated stuff with Zope 3" document?

If the former, it would be a good exercise to see what is helpful and what needs to be tweaked in Zope 3 to make it easy for the "middle class" developers that aren't building highly complex apps.

If the latter, it'll be more of a theoretical discussion of interfaces, adapters, views, schemas, utilities, etc. and how all of those things fit together. It'd also probably talk about using (most) of those things outside of Zope 3, as several people are already.

So, what do you want? Maybe a bit of both?